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We noticed that many companies are not recycling and even for those who recycle, many throw away papers along side with stationery e.g. clear folders, plastic folders, arch files, metal clips, ring files, etc. Many of these stationery are still very new, so why are they throwing away? We believe that many of these companies may be too busy to notice, find it troublesome to remove or don’t bother to re-use them. But most of these stationery still look new & re-usable; it is a waste to be thrown away.

At Marcom Recycling Point, we promote recycling, reusing and reducing wastage. Our main objective is to achieve zero-waste from what is collected. As long as a material/item is accepted by a recycle center in Singapore, we will recycle it.

When your company pledge recyclables to us, items such as files, folders, staples, binder clips etc etc which are still in good conditions are given away to welfare organizations and companies who wants them. As long as an item is still good, we can pass it on instead of disposing them. For a list of commonly used stationery/office items collected, please click here. We also aim to educate offices who pledge their recyclables how to recycle properly.

If you would like to pledge your recyclables & support our program, please fill up the following form and submit to us. Reusable bags & holders (16.75″ x 11.75″ x 35.5″ – see collection process for picture) will be provided. Please call 63431270 for more information or drop us an email. Your support, can really make a difference.

Everyone can play a part to save our environment. Let’s help to recycle, reuse & reduce wastage. When you recycle correctly, COLLECTION IS FREE! Minimal 2 full bags of white and/or coloured papers properly thrown (click on How To Recycle Properly ).

We welcome and appreciate customers offering love token for collection as it will help to defray the expenses. Do note that as of June 2015, excessive bags of shredded papers and/or plastics will be chargeable as they cannot cover the cost of transportation, it will be payable upon collection.

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